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MyChart Terms and Conditions of Use

North Memorial is pleased to offer you MyChart, a web-based version of selected information from our computerized medical record system. MyChart does not contain your complete medical record. If you would like to see your entire record, please contact your clinic.

To request a MyChart account print-out a MyChart Registration Form and bring it to your North Memorial clinic.

These Terms & Conditions describe how we handle information communicated via the Internet and outlines our practices and our respect for your privacy. We reserve the right to revoke access at any time for any reason.

Response to Electronic Communication

North Memorial will make our best effort to provide a timely response to electronic inquiries. In some cases, the clinic staff that needs to respond to an electronic inquiry or other communication may not be immediately available so you should allow at least three (3) business days for a response. Never use MyChart in an emergency situation. If you have an emergency call 911.
We are only able to respond to electronic communications based on the information you give us. If there is insufficient information given, we will be unable to provide accurate and reliable services. Use MyChart messaging for care-related inquiries only and do not use bad language in your messages or your account may be closed.


Individuals must be age 18 or older to request a personal MyChart account for themselves and their children; however special rules apply in the case of minors.
Minors: Minors are eligible for MyChart when they reach age 12. Children between the ages of 12 and 17 (inclusive) are eligible to participate in only a portion of MyChart services. Parents or guardians of minor children may request access to the minor child's account by following the terms outlined in the "Proxy Access" section of this Terms and Conditions statement. Under State and Federal law, there are certain types of medical information that the parent or guardian of a minor patient age 12 or older may not view without consent of the minor patient. Because of these requirements, we cannot offer the full spectrum of services to parents of minor patients in this age category. Thus, when a minor patient reaches age 12, parental restrictions will be placed on MyChart access.

Proxy Access

You may request proxy access for another individual to look at your MyChart.
A patient's representative, age18 or older may directly request proxy access to another individual's MyChart account by completing the Proxy Access portion of the MyChart Authorization Form and submitting it. In these cases access will only be granted to parties with parental rights or legal guardianship over the patient and only to the extent that the party requesting proxy access can demonstrate the legal right to the patient's medical information. Only one person will be granted proxy access to a MyChart account. If the proxy's legal relationship with the account holder changes, the proxy must contact the clinic immediately. Proxy users require re-approval every year. North Memorial reserves the right to revoke proxy access at any time for any reason.

E-mail Privacy

Users of MyChart should be aware that they will be notified via e-mail when there is new medical information to be viewed on MyChart. This means that any person with access to your e-mail will be able to see this notification. Although no private medical information will be sent, the notification that new medical information is available by accessing MyChart may be information that you would not want others to know. Thus, you should take this into account when providing an e-mail address.

Security and Confidentiality

We afford the same degree of confidentiality to medical information stored on MyChart as is given to medical information stored by North Memorial in any other way. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your medical information. Employees' access and ability to enter or view information is based upon their role in your care. Firewalls, passwords, encryption, and audit trails are further used to safeguard your information. We will identify the records released and note the time and date of access each time you access MyChart. We have taken steps to make all information received online as secure as possible against unauthorized access and use. We are not responsible if you share with others your medical information that you print from MyChart.

User names and passwords provide two layers of authentication and are stored in an encrypted database that is isolated from the Internet. As a MyChart user, your role in maintaining the security of your medical information is: 1) Changing your password on a regular basis, and 2) Keeping your login ID and password confidential.

We make every effort to assure that MyChart is always working properly, but there may be times when the system is shut down. We are not to blame for any problems that may occur from being unable to access MyChart.

These terms and conditions may change. When they change, you will be able to see the changes when you log-in to MyChart.